Systems for gas-and steam power plants

Systems for power plants

Our systems make turbines and power plants globally function and provide it with liquids and gases.
Our Systems are designed to manage all sorts of gases: Hydrogen (H2), natural gas, syngas.

Some of the most demanded King Dynamics-systems for power plants are:

Gas control module

Cleaning, regulating and emergency shutdown of the gas supply. Typically designed in stainless steel.
Optionally we offer the quality control of the fuel gas too.

Fuel and NOx-water supply 

We burn an emulsion of water instead of pure oil to keep the burning temperature of the oil in a gas turbine and the NOx-emissions within a limit. Therefore we bring both media to a pressure level of up to 160 bars, mix them in variable proportions and inject them into the firebox. 

Wet Compression Skid

The injection of water into the compressor of a turbine increases the efficiency and the performance.

Crude oil supply 

The crude oil is very tough and therefore the temperature has to be kept low through a stationary heating installation. The abrasive and aggressive components of the fuel demand special requirements of the material and the parts inclusive sealing medium- protected pumps.
We are proud to have manufactured more than 20 of these complex and challenging plants in the last 10 years.

Purge Water-System & CIP-plants (Cleaning in Place)

The system flushes fuel oil systems and pipes during online fuel switching from oil to gas operations. That’s how it prohibits from cork and gasify and takes over a strongly relevant security function of the whole plant.

Lube oil system 

The supply of lube oil in a gas- and steam turbine is essential for the operation of a plant and the “surviving” of the rotor and the blading. That’s why it’s typically executed redundant. The system consists of a raising part and a lube oil part and it over takes the degassing, filtration and cooling. Partly there are more aggregates integrated for the compressed air and the hydraulics.