Chemical & food industry

Plant and inter-connecting piping construction 

We are aware for your requirements in the food and the chemistry industry and we know the challenges: 

  • fitting welding technology
  • types of materials, the selection of the components, the dimensioning of the pipes
  • food hygiene, protection of explosion
  • application of adequate testing (VT, PT, X-ray etc.) 
  • documentation

We are used to react flexible and fast to changes during the project. 

Installations and maintenance

We execute the assembly and maintenance for you, mainly in Germany and Switzerland. Our teams consisting of assembly supervisor, welders and pipe men have years of experience. We apply our teams in arrangement with the customer and the customer’s specific requirements regarding security, language and many more factors.
From our experience, we learned that on-site not everything works as planned. Due to the creativity and the ability to improvise of our labor, we can handle these situations.